Truckee Follows Limit On Operations Of Rentals & Hotel Stays

From the Truckee Police Dept.

Truckee Follows Nevada County Limit On Operations Of Short Term Rentals & Vacation Based Hotel Stays

Effective immediately, short-term rentals, and vacation based accommodations are being significantly limited in the Town of Truckee, Nevada County, and Placer County.  It was recognized early on that the best approach to this decision was from a regional perspective.

With this decision, it is also a good time to address our community’s growing concern around crowds.  We implore all of those in and around Truckee who do not either reside here or provide essential services, to recognize the impact that population increase due to visitation has on our community and health care system.  Now is not the time to come to our community.  If you are visiting for the day or short term, please respect our request to return to your primary place of residence.  If we all do not practice STRICT social distancing and self-quarantine, we will suffer grave consequences.  We cannot support recreation, visitation, close proximity, or non-essential public interaction right now.  There is no other alternative and this has to be accomplished now.  If you want Truckee to remain the mountain getaway it has been in the past, we all must act to ensure a speedy recovery.

We also feel that this is the perfect opportunity to enforce the basic concepts of community.  The personal responsibility we all need to have at this time has nothing to do with your residential status or property title.  Regardless if you are a second home owner, a local, a renter, a J1 or someone who just moved here…personal responsibility is key and our community is very diverse in how we all choose to live here.  The title of our local status is not what we should be focused on.  What we should be focused on is our actions –

  • Don’t come from elsewhere to recreate, visit, or vacation as a break from a more urban environment.  We should be following the stay-at-home order and philosophical goal.  This goes for any location, and this issue is not something that is only happening in Truckee.
  • Going outside is important to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy, but this is NOT a vacation for anyone in our community.  Don’t participate in high risk activities.  Getting injured during activities is as equally concerning as not following social distancing standards.
  • Don’t hoard supplies or food.  We are working to keep our supply chains re-supplying our area, but use common sense with what you need and don’t “fear purchase.”
  • Stay the course!  We are just starting this.  Don’t get complacent and let your social distancing and stay-at-home practices slip.
  • Stop any emotional reactions or tendencies to create an “us vs. them” mindset.  Our risk factors and exposure come from a variety of sources and locations.  There is no one group who are increasing our vulnerability to COVID-19.

If we all work together to do the right thing during this public health crisis, we will all be able to enjoy the Truckee-Tahoe mountain area in a responsible and respectful way sooner rather than later.