Tahoe/Truckee Healthcare

There are many healthcare and dental related services available in Nevada County. Using our new 211 Resource Search, you can search for specific programs and services, and send the information to yourself via email or text. Want a headstart? The links below will take you to our search page using the keywords indicated in the link. 

Urgent & Emergency Needs

Call 911 or look at our resources for urgent/emergency care.


Looking for health or dental payment assistance? You may be eligible under Medi-Cal/Denti-Cal, or you can check out our other insurance and access to care resources.


See our listings of local clinics, or specifically Medi-Cal clinics. You may also be able to meet your needs through a telemedicine service. 


Search for pharmacies, prescription assistance or prescription drug disposal

Specialized Services 

Search for women’s health services, teen health services, diabetes resources, disability and chronic conditions, or accident and injury prevention, wellness or end of life.