Sand and Sandbags Available

The Nevada County Office of Emergency Services would like to remind residents that free sand and sandbags are available at three locations. 1) Next to the Nevada County Warehouse on the corner of Highway 49 and East Broad St. in Nevada City. 2) Penn Valley Fire Protection District located at 10513 Spenceville Road, Penn Valley. 3) North San Juan Community Hall located at 100057 Reservoir St, North San Juan.

Residents must bring their own shovel to fill the sandbags with sand. We do request that residents only take what they plan to use for protection of their personal property.

If you are operating a vehicle, please review the following tips:

  •  Avoid areas subject to sudden flooding
  •  Do not attempt to drive (or walk) across running water more than a few inches deep
  •  Avoid driving in water that downed electrical or power lines have fallen in
  •  Avoid hydroplaning by driving slowly and keeping your tires inflated correctly

Don’t forget to accomplish the following:

  •  Clear rain gutters
  •  Repair roof leaks
  •  Cut away tree branches that could fall on your house

An important reminder for storm preparedness is to monitor a forecasted severe weather event. This can be accomplished by monitoring the local media or visiting the many weather forecast services available via the internet.

Nevada County OES will be posting updates on Facebook and Twitter @NevCoOES

For additional questions or comments, contact the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services at or 530-265-1515