New Census Deadline September 30th

Stand up and be counted by September 30th. In early August the US Census Bureau cut the Census 2020 deadline short by a month, putting a complete count at significant risk. Census counts determine California’s access to millions of dollars in federal funding, the number of seats California holds in the House of Representatives, and how Congressional and State Legislative districts are drawn. It’s important that everyone complete the Census without delay.

Traditionally, workers and volunteers go door to door, reaching out to people who have not yet responded to the Census. This is challenging in the wake of COVID-19, made harder by the reduced timeline. Completing the Census for your household online or by phone today will help focus outreach efforts on the 2 million people who may not otherwise complete the Census.

Another barrier is confusion and concern about who should complete the Census. The Census is for everyone, including:

  • Residents regardless of immigration status. There is no immigration question on the Census
  • People who speak languages other than English. The Census can be completed in over 13 languages
  • Children in the household. Children from 0-5 are often undercounted in the Census

The Census Bureau is sworn to uphold the safety and security of your information. Find out more about security and how Census information is used.

Essential county services like wildfire and disaster response rely on federal funding based on the information collected during the Census. The Census impacts local access to school programs, critical transportation services, housing and social services. Undercounts can reduce these services in our local communities for the decade to come.

Participating in the Census takes about 10 minutes and ensures that your community has funding for critical local services. Help us spread the word in one click – share our Facebook post.

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