Nevada County Reports 3rd Person with COVID-19

Nevada County Public Health Reports Third Person with Confirmed COVID-19

The adult person, who resides in Western Nevada County, recently traveled outside the country, and at this time, it appears the disease was acquired during international travel. The person’s close household contacts are under quarantine and have no symptoms at this time, and this person was not out in the community while symptomatic. For confidentiality reasons, no other details or information about this case will be shared.

As stated previously, the Public Health Department team anticipates seeing an increase in diagnosed COVID-19 cases in Nevada County. With an increase in testing availability and an increase in community transmitted cases of COVID-19 across our region, everyone should expect to see Nevada County’s case count continue to rise. The importance of adherence to California’s Stay-At-Home Order is more important than ever. Doing so will help protect individuals, their loved ones and our local health care system.

As additional people are diagnosed with COVID-19, we will report the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nevada County on the County’s website. The website also includes preparedness resources and updates.

The State Health Officer has created a document outlining what she has designated to be Essential Sectors and Essential Workforce and is posted at: