NCPH Clarifies “Stay-at-Home” for Short-term Rentals

Nevada County Public Health Clarifies “Stay-at-Home” for Short-term Rentals

3-24-2020 Public Health

On March 19th, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-33-20, requiring all persons residing in the State to remain in their homes or places of residence, except as needed to maintain the continuity of operations for critical infrastructure

Nevada County Health Officer, Dr. Ken Cutler, has issued a local Order to clarify that while short-term lodging facilities may help temporarily house local homeless populations or critical infrastructure workers, they should not house people for non-essential needs such as short-term vacation rentals. This Nevada County Order applies to hotels, motels, condominiums or other units. If a short-term rental does not fit into the categories listed in the local Order, it should be closed.

If there is uncertainty of a short-term lodging facility falling within the State’s Stay-at-Home Order, Nevada County Public Health and Office of Emergency Services are able authorize it’s use.

Importance of Stay-at-Home Order 

Coronavirus continues to be an emerging, rapidly evolving situation.

“California’s Stay-at-Home Order is more important than ever. Nevada County has beautiful, rural destination towns, and the public health and safety of our community is our first priority,” said Nevada County Public Health Officer, Dr, Cutler. “By clarifying the intent of the Stay-at-Home Order we hope that people will truly stay in their place of residence and let people know that this is not the time to be traveling.”

This local Order will remain in effect until rescinded by the Nevada County Health Officer.

The statewide Stay-at-Home Order is a critical intervention to reduce harm from the spread of the coronavirus in our community. By staying at home except for essential activities such as food, necessary medical needs and time outdoors while practicing social distancing, we can slow the spread, flatten the curve and limit the impacts to local health care systems.

Health officers across northern California jurisdictions are responding to quickly increasing cases and serious illnesses across the region. Now is the time to do everything we can to prevent the situation from getting much worse in a matter of days or weeks.