Highway Fire – Nevada County

For info about evacuations and more, you can monitor the pages below. If dashboard or other pages are not loading, check this PDF with maps of evacuation zones.

EVACUATIONS | Road Conditions & Closures | Temporary Evacuation Points & Animal Evacuation | Transportation | Alerts | Stay Informed | Returning Home


Call or text 911 

  • If you are stuck in an Evacuation ORDER zone without transportation and there is an immediate threat to your life.
  • To report downed power lines or if you smell natural gas or propane.
  • NOTE: Some cell phone service providers may not yet have text to 9-1-1 enabled in Nevada County.

Call 211

  • If you are in an Evacuation WARNING zone and you are in need of transportation.
  • For other information about the incident.
  • 211 also available by calling 833-342-5211 (833-DIAL211) or text your zip code to 898211 to connect with a live call agent

Ready NEVADA COUNTY Dashboard

provides almost real-time information during disasters

Cal Fire Incident info and maps


  • Evacuation Order – An immediate threat to life. This is a lawful order to leave now. The area is lawfully closed to public access.
  • Evacuation Warning – A potential threat to life and/or property. Those who require additional time to evacuate, and those with pets and livestock should leave now.
  • Shelter In Place – An order to go indoors. Shut and lock doors and windows. Prepare to self-sustain until further notice and/or contacted by emergency personnel for additional direction.
  • Advisory – A notice to be on alert and follow county recommendations.
  • Clear To Repopulate – It is safe to return to your home. Be aware of your surroundings and go through the returning home checklist.
  • Normal – There is no current knowledge of threats affecting your area and that you can carry on with normal activity.

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  • Ready Nevada County Dashboard
  • CalTrans QuickMap – The Caltrans QuickMap web page presents several types of real-time traffic information layered on a Google Map.
  • ​CalTrans– Check current Conditions by CA highway number or call 800-427-7623
  • Nevada County Road Conditions and Closures – Interactive map
    • Nevada County Public Works facebook page
    • My Neighborhood maps – The maps contain many kinds of information. Users must agree to terms to access the maps. One of the map layers tells if roads are county maintained. The map opens with window called “Parcel & Recorded Map Search.” Click x at top right to close. From menu choices that now appear, click on Layer List icon to the right of the magnifying glass icon. In the list that appears, scroll down the list of “Operational Layers” to select “County Maintained Roads.” You can then close the Layer List window. Click on any road to see if it is maintained by the County.
  • STATE PARK/OTHER CLOSURES – any closure info will be added

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As Temporary Evacuation Points (TEPs), and/or Congregate Shelters open for evacuees, locations will appear on the County Dashboard and on the Cal Fire website (click on “Incidents” menu for info). CHECK NEVADA COUNTY DASHBOARD FOR MOST CURRENT INFO.

PEOPLE EVACUATION – Temporary Evacuation Points will be posted on the NEVADA COUNTY DASHBOARD.

Temporary Evacuation Points in Western Nevada County

  • Madelyn Helling Library, 980 Helling Way, Nevada City, CA 95959

Temporary Evacuation Points in Tahoe/Truckee

  • will be posted here if any are announced


If people are under a mandatory evacuation order and Temporary Evacuation Points are closed, they can call Red Cross 24/7 at 844-236-0153.

ANIMAL EVACUATION – NEVADA COUNTY – Info about Animal Evacuation will be posted on the NEVADA COUNTY DASHBOARD.

  • From NC Sheriff’s Office – Thu 8/17/23, 12pm – Animal Update for the #HighwayFire: For assistance with evacuating animal(s) or finding a safe place for animal(s) to receive refuge during the evacuation period, please call the Nevada County Dispatch Center at (530) 265-7880.

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Call 911 if you are stuck in an Evacuation ORDER zone without transportation and there is an immediate threat to your life.

Call 211 if you are in an Evacuation WARNING zone and you are in need of transportation.


WESTERN NEVADA COUNTY – additional info

  • PUBLIC TRANSIT FOR EVACUATIONS – If needed for evacuations, the County of Nevada will activate public transportation resources. Nevada County transit services can ONLY help in Evacuation WARNING zones.
  • EVACUATING WITH ANIMALS – BUS & PARATRANSIT – Nevada County Connects bus service (formerly Gold Country Stage) and Nevada County Now paratransit service (formerly Gold Country Lift) are providing transportation for evacuees with animals as follows:
    • Non-service animals are allowed. Size requirement: animals must be in a leakproof cage that is carried and controlled by their owner. No animal type restrictions (birds, snakes, and others are welcome). No large non-service animals allowed who cannot be carried (e.g., horses, cows).
    • Service animals are allowed. No size or type restrictions (except that they must be small enough to fit on the bus).
    • Nevada County Connects (public bus): 1-530-477-0103
    • Nevada County Now (paratransit): 1-530-271-7433, toll free 1-855-341-7433

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Nevada County – SIGN UP for CodeRED

  • You can create a MANAGED account or create an UNMANAGED Guest account on your own. A managed account allows you to modify your existing notification settings and contact information. You may also customize the types of notifications you receive and add an additional address.
  • If you need assistance signing up for an UNMANAGED Guest account, call 2-1-1 or 833-342-5211 (833-DIAL211).
    • Cordless & electric phones need to have power and have the ringer turned on (a traditional corded landline phone does not need electricity, but the ringer does need to be turned on).
    • Cell phones need to be on and have the ringer turned on. Add CodeRED as a contact on your phone so you know who the call is coming from: CodeRED Emergency Alert 1-866-419-5000; CodeRED General Alert 1-855-969-4636; CodeRED Text Alert 1-218-350-0131. If you set your cell phone to DO NOT DISTURB at night, learn how to set it so CodeRED alerts can come through. Do an internet search on “how to bypass do not disturb on ________ (Android or iPhone).”

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Note: Due to changes in Twitter policy, users are now required to have a login account to view tweets.

NEVADA COUNTY Office of Emergency Services

NEVADA COUNTY Sheriff’s Office


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  • NEVADA COUNTY – Once it is safe to return to homes in Nevada County, the info will be shared on social media, through CodeRED calls, and as a notification on the Nevada County Sheriff CA app. To download the app, go to the App Store and search for the Nevada County Sheriff CA app. Info will also appear on the Ready Nevada County Dashboard.

Call 2-1-1 or 833-342-5211 (833-DIAL211) if you need additional information about returning home.


When entering the burned area, residents need to be on alert for hot spots, rolling debris, and other hazards. Do not enter areas that appear unsafe. There may still be heavy first responder traffic in the area. Please travel with caution. Always follow directions from officers or other emergency personnel at the scene.


If your home is damaged or destroyed, you will be notified by your County of residence. Your County and 211 can help provide recovery information for your situation.

If you know for certain that you have lost your home in a disaster, call the American Red Cross at 844-236-0153 any time 24/7. ARC can open a case file and there may be resources available through ARC to help.

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