Cold Weather Shelter (CWS) Information

​With a wet winter predicted this year, the City of Nevada City, in conjunction with the Salvation Army, Sierra Roots, the Nevada County Health and Human Services Agency, the Nevada County Food Bank, Hospitality House, and Divine Spark, have agreed to extend last year’s Cold Weather Shelter (CWS) operating agreement through May 1, 2017. The goal of the CWS is to provide emergency shelter to homeless citizens of Nevada City on winter nights when the temperature is below 28 degrees, heavy rains are expected, or there is snow on the ground. The Salvation Army is the lead agency for activating the CWS and, after consultation with partners including Nevada City and Sierra Roots, will make a decision to open the shelter by 4 p.m. on the night the shelter is to be opened. The CWS will be operated by volunteer staff trained in a partnership between the Salvation Army and Sierra Roots. These organizations will also coordinate the transportation of citizens to the CWS.

The decision to open the CWS is based on weather forecasts for that night and the ability to have volunteers available to operate the shelter.  Participants in the CWS will be fed with food donated by the Nevada County Food Bank. The Health and Human Service Agency will coordinate distribution of the day’s official weather forecast from the Office of Emergency Services, assist with health screenings and provide eligibility services as needed. Hospitality House will coordinate referrals to the CWS for citizens when capacity or eligibility into their facility dictates.

For additional information about the Cold Weather Shelter, please contact the following:

Or call 211!