Help Nevada County Move Into the Orange Tier

On August 31st, the State introduced a new tiered framework that connects the level of openness of business sectors to COVID-19 conditions on the ground. Nevada County was initially placed in the red “Substantial” tier, but Nevada County remains on the cusp of the orange “Moderate” tier which would allow some businesses to safely increase the capacity in facilities. The soonest Nevada County could advance to the orange “Moderate” tier is September 22nd, but only if we meet the necessary criteria for two consecutive weeks.

“The ability to move forward depends on all of us staying the course – social distancing, masking, hand washing, and minimizing social mixing between households,” said Interim Public Health Officer Dr. Richard Johnson. “If we demonstrate less illness in our community in the days to come, we will be able to loosen restrictions on businesses. Let’s keep doing the right thing together!”

Nevada County on-track to move into the orange tier, pending community’s actions

The first significant benchmark in moving into the orange tier was the State’s data release at noon on Tuesday, September 15th. As of that release, Nevada County meets criteria for the orange “Moderate” tier.

“Nevada County Public Health wants to thank the community for their partnership in making modifications in our everyday lives to lessen both the health and business impacts of COVID-19,” said Public Health Director Jill Blake. “We understand how difficult it can be to change our daily habits and it’s because of these efforts that we may be able to move safely forward towards increasing capacity in some businesses sectors next week. We encourage everyone to stay diligent about wearing your mask, keeping your distance and refraining from gatherings.”

If Nevada County continues to meet the State’s benchmark for the orange “Moderate” tier for next week’s update, we will safely advance to the increased business activity that is allowed in the orange “Moderate” tier on September 22nd.  

The data can easily move in the other direction, and if we want to keep moving forward it is incumbent upon us as a community to embrace safety and continue to reduce spread. All members of the community are encouraged to consider how personal behavior can help move Nevada County to the next tier ranking, especially over the upcoming week.  Individual action will lead to collective mitigation that will shift the county’s tier status and our collective behavior matters. Wearing a mask, maintaining physical distance, washing your hands and getting tested can help move Nevada County from the red “Substantial” tier to the orange “Moderate” tier, allowing businesses to safely increase the capacity in facilities.

Additional Resources

Find more information about COVID-19 in Nevada County at Email questions about the State’s COVID-19 business sector guidance to To submit a business compliance complaint, visit or submit via the Ask Nevada County app.