About 211

211 Connecting Point is a resource and information hub that connects people with community programs and services through a searchable web page and 24/7 local call center. We serve Nevada County, Placer County, and the Tahoe-Truckee region.

We are part of a network of 211s in North America. In the United States, 211s reach 270 million people and cover all 50 states.

211 is a program of Connecting Point.

How 211 Works

The 2-1-1 phone number is a short code designated by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Each county with a 211 service has a designated entity that administers the program. These county-based entities coordinate with local human services agencies to connect callers to local community services.

These entities and providers are members of the California Association of Information and Referral Services (CAIRS) and partners of 211 California, which works with local, state, and federal government agencies on social services and coordinates with regional 211 service providers during emergencies and disasters.

Each individual service provider establishes and maintains a database of community service programs and agencies for the county or counties it serves and updates the database at least once annually.

When a caller dials 2-1-1, a local exchange carrier (LEC) routes the call to the authorized 211 provider in the caller’s county. The provider receives the call and connects the caller to the appropriate programs and agencies drawn from their database.