4th Annual Placer Empowering People

There was joy and laughter as dozens of low-income and homeless residents attended the fourth annual Placer Empowering People event earlier this month.

Some came out for pet-related services, others for clothes, haircuts and medical services. From simple breakfast foods to more in-depth resources around rehabilitation, there was a wide array of resources from the county and local nonprofit organizations on display.

One woman, Liz, brought her two small dogs – Ricco and Elvis – along for the day.

“These two needed their shots and their nails done, and Elvis needed a microchip,” she explained. “It’s a great program for people who can’t afford this type of thing; a beautiful program.”

Another attendee, Robert, who has a history of homelessness, said he is on the path to a better life, and the event was a boost.

“This is my first time out here,” he said. “So far I have a toothbrush kit, and I have some raffle tickets…but my favorite part is (that) it’s just a little day trip out of my everyday normal situation.”

Programs ranging from Whole Person Care to Acres of Hope were present to build connections with homeless individuals – and build hope.